Situtation: Barcelona

Team: Juan Verdeguer Planelles, Santiago Martín-Borregón Navarro

Client: Private

Photography: Simón Garcia

Furniture: Pilma Barcelona

V66 is the rehabilitation of an old 80's apartment in Barcelona. The idea from the team of architechts of auba, was born from the building rules that we had to follow. The dwelling was divided in two by a sctructural wall and only joined by a small door opening. On one hand we had an area facing a dark interior patio and on the other side the opposite, daylight from the Eixample's street. 

In the interior patio we could find all the water and drain pipes, fact that made us place kitchen and bathroom close to it. On the other side we had the living room and the bedroom which were screaming for light and nice views, so we placed it on the exterior half.

Due to the imposibility to join both sides or make any bigger openning on the structural wall (neighbours weren't very happy about it), the idea was to visually join exterior and interior areas of the apartmanet. This was achieved by generating a common element: a big wooden wall that crosses all the spaces, making a visual connection reinforced by the continous microcement floor. This wooden wall also creates the private spaces such as bedroom and bathroom and generates utilities inside itself like kitchen, closets, desk, etc.

Estado Actual E1.50.jpg
Propuesta E1.50.jpg